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DIG Kid's Ministry

 Below you can see what we will be teaching throughout the course of the year 2024!


January - Jesus' Life & Ministry

What’s your dream job? Do you want to be a pilot or astronaut? A teacher or musician? There are so many incredible jobs for us to pick from! God has given each of us special talents and skills that can help us discover what we want to do. But God gives us another job, too. It’s the chance for us to follow God right now! In this four-week series from the Gospels, we’ll read about Jesus starting out his ministry and how he invited his followers — and us — to listen to God’s voice, trust Jesus knows us, trust God’s plans for us, and include people who aren’t like us.


February - Jesus' Miracles

Whether it’s a rocket car powered by soda and mints or a tornado in a water bottle, there’s so much in our world thatcan fill us with awe. The world of STEM is full of things that look like little miracles, but they’re nothing comparedto the miracles God can perform. In this four-week series, kids will take a look at some of the miracles that Jesusperformed during his ministry. Through stories showing the power of Jesus, they’ll no doubt go, Wow! Jesus has the power to heal, to calm our fears, to provide and to save.


March - Easter

In the dark, a world of neon colors comes to life. Whether it’s the soft green of glow-in-the-dark stars or the bright colors of bioluminescent creatures, light can break through the darkness. When the world needed some light, God sent Jesus because he glows in the dark, and he can teach us how to shine with God’s light, too! In this five-week series through the Gospels, we’ll follow Jesus’ life leading up to Easter to see some of the ways he can shine bright in our lives. As we explore, we’ll see Jesus is the light in the darkness. We'll also learn how we can choose Jesus and know God hears our cries while celebrating how Jesus died and rose again!


April - Jesus' Teachings

From retro toys to fashion trends, we all love a good throwback. (Especially for grown-ups because it reminds us of being young again.) There are things that remind us of a moment in time, but other things feel timeless and like they’re always in style. In this four-week series, kids will travel through the decades and see that the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels are always trending. As we hear from Jesus, we’ll see it’s always good to be humble, we can always forgive, Jesus is always fair, and love always needs action.


May - The Early Church

Astronaut Neil Armstrong once said landing on the moon was “one small step for man.” The biggest adventures starting such a simple way — especially when it comes to space! Asteroids, distant planets, and brand new galaxies await us once we leave earth’s atmosphere. Being the first to explore such uncharted territory can be intimidating. In this four-week series, we’ll take a look at the Book of Acts to learn from the first Christians. Through their stories of faith and bravery, kids will learn how to take the first step of believing in Jesus, the next step of praying for others, and an even bigger step of trusting the Holy Spirit makes us brave. But they won’t want to skip the last step of telling others about Jesus.


June - Judges, Ruth & Samuel

For a lot of us, recess is one of our favorite parts of the school day. We get to play dodgeball, hopscotch, or race our friends around the play area. Recess helps us to stay active so we can grow strong, but it also gives us a chance to grow in our relationships. In this five-week series, kids will discover through the stories in the books of Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel the unexpected ways God can help them grow. As they do, they’ll learn how God helps us grow stronger, helps us belong, answers our prayers, tells us what is true and can use anything we give.


July - David

What do you do when you hear your favorite song? Turn it up, of course! While we might love blasting our favoritemusic, we can also learn how to turn up God’s voice in our lives. In this four-week series, kids will follow some keymoments in the life of David, the famous musician, poet, and king, and they’ll learn about some of the ways Davidtrusted God during some difficult times in his life. Through each story, we’ll learnGod is with us when we feel weak,God helps us overcome big things, God comforts us when we’re afraid,andGod helps us live in harmony


August - Joseph

As the sun sets and you nod off the sleep, an entire nighttime world awakens. Along with our dreams and slumber, the night can also mean shadows and unfamiliar sounds. Who makes us feel safe when the world is dark and scary? In this four-week series based on the life of Joseph, we’ll learn about how God watches over us and loves everyone the same. No matter what we go through, God will make things right, which is why we can obey God above anyone else.


September - Moses

In the jungle, every day is an unpredictable adventure! But to safely navigate the vines, animals, and tricky terrain, we’ll need a guide to help lead us. This four-week series follows the life of Moses and his journey to leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Through his story, we’ll discover how God teaches us how to lead, and learn how to follow God’s lead as God leads us to safety, and to what we need


October - Israel in the

Can you imagine needing to walk through the desert? You’d be surrounded by cacti, sand, snakes, and more sand. With the heat of the sun, we’d wind up so thirsty and wondering “Are we there yet?” That’s probably how the Israelites felt as they wandered around the desert, waiting to enter the Promised Land. But no matter how tired our feet get, we can focus on what’s happening in our lives right now rather than just on where we’re going. In this five-week series based on stories from Exodus, we’ll explore how we can choose to be thankful, love God and others, turn to God when we’re lost, go to God when we need rest, and remember God’s promises.


November - Joshua

Racers, start your engines! In a race, you might need to navigate obstacles, pit stops, and tight turns in order to stay on the right track. As you’re zooming through the track, there’s so much to think about and it can be hard to stay focused on what’s most important! In this four-week series, we’ll learn some important stories from Joshua about how obstacles are no problem for God and courage comes from knowing God’s words. No matter how long the race, God can use someone like you because with God, there is victory!


December - Christmas

Grab your sandals, sunblock, and swim gear because it’s time for a Christmas Vacation! We’ll be making sand angels and roasting chestnuts around an open bonfire on our tropical getaway. You’ve never experienced Christmas like this! In this five-week series, we’ll focus on the birth of Jesus and the way God had been planning things from the very beginning. We’ll see how God sent Jesus for a reason, learn to trust God’s timing, understand why God gives us what’s best, and see how Jesus is why we celebrate because Jesus is God’s gift to the world.

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